Audio Visual & Home Automation

Audio Visual and Home Automation Systems

The Home Automation System allows the energy management for the correct operation of the electric household appliances, the electrical sockets and for lights installed on the building or on the vessel. The electric switchboards allow, through the home automation system, to manage the electric supply in an Integrated manner. The switches installed in the switchboard allow to manage manually all the electrical users which can be managed also by the Home Automation System. The design, the specification formulation, the project management and the installation activities provided by Studio LGL allow the complete interface and the monitoring of all the systems of the building or of the vessel (audio visual and entertainment, lighting, condition/heating, telephones, security and videosurveillance).

The Studio LGL packages include the electrical and electronic systems complete design, the specification and contracts, the project management, the installation, the start up and the maintenance services. The analysis of costs and benefits for the energy saving and the energy certification for new constructions or recostruction/refit are included in the Studio LGL services. The energy saving design and the diagnostic procedure are carried out as well in a fully Integrated manner.

Marine Systems

Marine Systems

The Electrical and Electronic Marine Systems are inclusive and integrated with the Audio Visual Systems, the Navigation Systems, the Home Automation Systems and the PLC Automation System. The services provided for any kind of vessel are comprehensive of the design, the specification and budget formulation, the project management, the surveying & consulting, the start up and the service & maintenance. 

Studio LGL has a several years experience made M/Yachts long up to 134 meters in highly brand shipyards and in activities with owners and owner's representatives.

Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic Systems

The installation of a photovoltaic system is a long term investment and a money saving. The Photovoltaic Systems Design, according to the present investment Energy scheme, can regard mobile technologies, building and ground installations, completely integrated and not integrated in the building system. The systems designed by Studio LGL include all the aspects of the system, starting from the cell dimensions to the cabling and can include also mini aeolian systems design and managing. The Studio offers services regarding cost/benefit and profitability studies, the project management, the installation, the start up and the maintenance of the installed systems.

PLC Automation

PLC Automation

The Automation, mainly managed by PLCs, is used in industrial and tertiary installation, even though the interface between different systems with several PLCs and SCADA may be implemented. The PLC installed are ABB, Siemens, Schneider. The experience of the professionists working in the Studio has been developed in harbours and energy companies. The design activities are inclusive of the PLC and SCADA file programming.


Technician of the Year

CEDIA has announced the winners of the prestigious "CEDIA Awards 2011" at a glittering black-tie ceremony at One Mayfair in London's exclusive West End. Held in association with AWE Europe, Loewe, Panasonic and Philips Dynalite, the Home Technology Event and Wildwood PR, the CEDIA Awards scheme recognizes excellence in home technology integration and design across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Pakistan and Russia. Famous television actor and self-confessed smart home enthusiast, Trevor Eve, presented the awards in front of an audience of 300 industry professionals and media at the Gala Dinner.CEDIA 2011

The victor of the award for Best Technician of the Year 2011 for Region 1 (which includes UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa,Russia India and Pakistan) was Laura Lazzerini, Electronic Engineer, Certificate of Proficiency - Cambridge University, Audio Video & Home Automation Project Manager and System Integrator who has contributed to the realization of challenging and exclusive projects. The evaluation of the award for "Best Technician of the Year" was based on the curriculum vitae and on the professional experience of the candidates. The award motivation of the prize to Laura Lazzerini was "the comprehensive commitment to self-improvement through extensive and education, as well as a dedication to mentoring within the company, particularly in the specialist area of residential and marine". The CEDIA Awards demonstrate the Association's commitment to maintaining high standards within the industry. The tough entry guidelines and criteria for submission ensure these standards are upheld. The identity of all entry submissions are kept anonymous from the independent judging panel to ensure utmost transparency. It is to be highlighted the unique event and the award given to an Italian professional in a filed in which the International quality is frequently found in professionals of other countries. It is the first time that a CEDIA (the international organization recognized in the entire world) Award went to an Italian professional/company.

Laura Lazzerini e Cris Taylor Laura Lazzerini cedia 2011

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Board of Directors

Laura Lazzerini has been elected as Member of the CEDIA Board of Directors for Region 1 (which includes UK, Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa, India and Pakistan). This is the first time that an Italian member is elected in the CEDIA Board of Directors. The members elected in the Board of Directors were announced during the Annual General Meeting held in October 2011 in the Belton Woods Events Centre in the United Kingdom. The election procedure has involved two thirds of members from United Kingdom and one third of members from other countries.

Studio LGL takes care of all the design activities related to Home Automation, M/Yacht Marine Electrical and Electronic Systems, Photovoltaic Systems and Industrial Automation. The Studio LGL activities include all the design steps (starting from the feasability study, the budget and profitability study as far as the as built design, including the specification and the contracts formulation), the project management, the installation, the start up and the maintenance services after delivery in order to provide the customer with a complete and lasting assistance. The services provided by Studio LGL include the analysis of costs and benefits for the energy saving, for the energy certification, the budget evaluation for home automation and audio visual systems in both residential and marine environment, as well as for new constructions or refit.
The Studio Lgl designs audio video systems, lighting, conditioning / heating, security, lan nets, telephone systems, videosurveillance, photovoltaic systems and aeolian systems, as well as Industrial Automation Systems. All these systems can be integrated, according to the customer requestsand expectations, in one "Integrated" System which allows to control everything.

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